I call myself Pumpkin Person.  I created this blog as a place to discuss ideas about intelligence, the brain and success; subjects I’ve been fascinated with since childhood.  I have a parallel interest in horror films which I indulge on my other blog, pumpkinperson.com, although the two subjects overlap so I often recycle the same posts on both blogs.  I am fascinated by the extremes of human traits and achievements, especially mental and behavioral ones, and the ways that we measure them.  I am especially fascinated by the idea that a trait as complex, multidimensional, and important as intelligence can be measured by a simple test administered in childhood and summed up by a single number like IQ, and to what extent that single number can predict your future.  To a certain degree, IQ is destiny.


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. @Pp – Unfortunately for you, I think the time has come to take control of the comments section of this blog – if you want people like myself to continue to read it. When the comments have become a forum for slanging, obscene abuse and adolesecent snark – serious readers are driven away.

    • Yes, I may need to impose comment moderation. It would be a tragedy for high quality commentators like yourself to be driven away, especially since I often blog about the groundbreaking research you’re involved in.

      At the moment my work schedule is too busy to permit time to moderate comments and fortunately I don’t believe the current level of vitriol will last.

  2. Paul Alfino, MD said:

    Perhaps people who think that IQ is correlated with one’s political views have a lower IQ. Or, perhaps, they just don’t understand what “IQ” is really measuring. Or, perhaps, they don’t understand the concept of “selection bias”?

    Some studies show just the opposite. The whole concept is absurd. Here is a study showing just the opposite.

    Study Shows Conservatives Have Higher IQ’s Than Liberals


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