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I know I said my next post would be about heritability, but there’s been some major news for this blog and I must take a moment to thank the Lion of the Blogosphere, who by writing about me yesterday on his wildly popular blog, drove the number of unique visitors and page views to far and away the highest level in the entire history of either of my blogs. And then by blogging about me again today, drove the web traffic far higher than even yesterday, and the day’s only half over!

The Lion is an extremely bright and talented blogger and can very effortlessly attract and maintain a huge readership through witty and insightful social observations and by writing succinctly and clearly. It’s a huge honor that he would so generously share his enormous readership with my little blog two days in a row. I read and comment on his blog constantly because he writes about IQ, success and social class, and does so with an understanding of the Ivy League elitism in New York city (where he lives) which is quite fascinating and horrifying for a Canadian like myself (no such caste system exists here in Canada).