For many years now, there’s been a rumor all over the internet that the SAT (old or new scale) only measures intelligence below the 1400 level. This rumor originated with a member of the Prometheus society who knew the SAT scores of many many people. In his estimation, people who scored 1400+ were vastly more intelligent (on average) than people who scored 1300+, however he could notice no difference in intelligence between people who scored 1400+ and those who scored 1500+. While the 1500+ people were much better students and got much better grades (on average) than the 1400+ people, he felt the former would not be able to solve a truly complex and novel problem better than the latter. In other words, their high SAT scores and great academic achievements were hollow with respect to g.

Even though this Promethean was obscenely intelligent (even compared to other Prometheans), and was exceptionally skilled at judging the difference between a good student and a high IQ mind, he never provided any actual data to prove this assertion so it should be viewed with great caution, especially since claims that IQ only correlates with criterion X up to a certain threshold are almost always found to be bogus.

Still I know what the Promethean means. I’ve met many people who are brilliant on paper. These people dazzled me with their Ivy League credentials and knowledge of history, politics, art, and literature, often expressed in multiple languages which I heard them speak flawlessly, poetically; with perfect grammar and appropriate diction. But what was missing was the originality; the insight. Like a beautiful egg with no yolk inside, their great minds were hollow with respect to g.