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I was honored to discover that Professor Bruce Charlton had written the following:

 …a new blog called Brain Size…Which is shaping-up to be a valuable contribution to intelligence research.

 The author, Herr Professor Doktor Pumpkinperson, has the attributes of honesty, persistence (this especially), intelligence and a refreshing disinclination to take offense at the criticism of others!

 I greatly appreciate the compliment, especially coming from a man of such towering intelligence and integrity, and one who is so eminent that his ideas are discussed by the world’s most influential newspaper.  I don’t think this blog is worthy of praise from such a high quality source, but hopefully it will become more worthy over time.

 Charlton is enormously respected for his original thinking and willingness to courageously challenge the scientific consensus on many issues, and strongly defend the right of others to do so too, thus playing an invaluable role in both academia and the blogosphere.

 I can not recommend his blogs strongly enough, especially Intelligence, Personality and Genius.  Although I disagree with some of his ideas, his blogs have been a treasure trove of insightful and informed fascinating observations.  He discusses many of the same topics I do, but does so with much greater knowledge and understanding and from a multidisciplinary perspective that very few people have.  It’s very rare for that quality of writing to be so freely available and accessible to anyone with internet access, so I strongly recommend one take advantage of it.